Stress Management

Stress is a term that describes feeling overwhlemed by demands of modern life. Stress is experienced by many and often times can be simply too much to deal with. When stressed the body will experience a physical response which includes sweating, dizziness, stomach issues and headache. An emotional reaction is commonly present as well. A stressed emotional response presents as anger, depression, fatigue, anxiety, sadness and the inability to concentrate.

We all react differently to stressful situations. What is stressful to one person may not be stressful to another. Almost anything can cause stress. For some people, just thinking about something, or several small things can cause stress. Commonly, life events including moving, a death, a marriage, pregnancy, family or employment issues, financial worries, a divorve or break-up, sexual identity issues, parenting difficulty and illness. The goal of stress-management is to reduce the source of the stress and improve coping skills to improve quality of life.

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