Self-Esteem Issues

Self-esteem is the degree to which we feel confident, consider ourselves valuable, and respect ourselves, as this greatly affects our well-being. Low self-esteem can be emotionally distressing and is associated with self-criticism, social isolation, suppressed anger, shame and self-doubt. Through the use of Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) negative thinking and daily action patterns will be replaced with positive thoughts and improved behaviors. I prefer CBT as it is an evidence based treatment, this approach provides my clients with empowering strategies they can rely on outside of our sessions out in their real world.

Together we will conquer and transform the false beliefs that prevent your ability to be assertive, confident, and self-aware. Finding a sense of accomplishment is imperative to self-esteem. Counseling can help you identify specific activities that boost confidence and competence. We will work together to develop a deeper self trust, understanding and facilitate self- compassion. The nagging negative tape that runs continually in your head will finally turn off.

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