Children's Therapy

Similar to adulthood, childhood can also present challenges. If your child is having persistent trouble with mood or behavior counseling can help them find relief. Common reasons for seeking assistance include: anger, temper tantrums, depression, crying, anxiety, self-harm, low self-esteem, facing trauma or grief, communication problems, chronic illness, social exclusion, family break-ups, new marriages, blended- family issues, sleeping difficulties and eating-related problems.

Every child is unique, with different factors contributing to their difficulties, emotions and behavior. I will work with your child to determine the cause of the problem and create a safe space for your child to be understood and have his or her concerns addressed using evidence based treatments.

Through the therapy process, your child will improve their communication skills and confidence levels, as well as learning how to cope with life challenges. The benefit of this includes improving your child's relationship with family and friends and enabling your child to focus on living a happy childhood.

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